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Adventure Bloggers You Should Follow

I’m ever more heartened as I see so many people heading outdoors and unplugging from technology — even as the impact on our sacred wild places has become a bit greater with the sharing of those places on Instagram.

There are a lot of voices out there — the Instafamous to follow, the hardcore climbers to inspire you, and the regular people just like you and I who’ve found that nature is where they feel most alive. All of them have something to offer to help guide you to your own adventures outside. These are the ones I’m loving lately:

  • Bearfoot Theory – Kristen has been at this for quite some time and I find her guides to specific places to be spot on. Earlier this year, I took a two-week trip to visit several desert national parks and her guide to Zion and hiking The Narrows was the best resource for planning that leg of my trip. She truly embodies what I love most about getting outside and that is a pure joy for nature and outdoor adventure. It’s infectious in the most authentic way possible and if you follow one adventurer, she’s the one I recommend highest. I promise you will be inspired and will find a way to get outside more often by following her story.
  • Dirtbag Darling – Johnie is a great writer. As a lit major and someone who wrote about books for many years (hello LitLifeLA, my defunct litblog + LAist), I really appreciate beautiful prose. It’s a rarity in the adventure blogging space so I appreciate her site that much more. She spends most of her time in a Sprinter Van (#vanlife etc) and shares her thoughts on the beautiful places and adventures she encounters. She surfs and climbs and hikes and is up for any new adventure. There’s no way for you to follow her and not get inspired to try something new outdoors. Truth.
  • The Morning Fresh – Katie Boué is so passionate about the outdoors and that oozes into everything she touches. Follow her on Instagram and read her blog to get a peek into a life that truly celebrates all the little moments, including the many spent outdoors. Katie is a serious runner and climber and sneaks in all sorts of new sports along the way.
  • Flash Foxy – This is the first climbing site I found as I first started rock climbing that made me feel a little less intimidated and a lot more included. Mountain Project is the obvious go-to when checking out routes for an upcoming climb and they have several great posts from well-known climbers, but these ladies have created a place to truly celebrate female climbers and they have a lot of great posts about facing your fears in climbing (something I always need) and they have organized several climbing trips for women. I follow them on Instagram for maximum inspiration.
  • And She’s Dope Too – A collective created to help women pursue adventures in the outdoors and feel supported in doing so. I’ve not gone to any of their events (yet!) but their Instagram feed is a constant source of inspiration — whether it’s climbing, skiing, hiking, running or backpacking. They are a must-follow to get your outdoor mojo on.

Where do you find inspiration for a specific trip outdoors? Would love to know!

(Image of a wonderful day climbing recently at Point Dume, Malibu)

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