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Any Day Could Be a No-Hitter Day

Any Day Could Be a No-Hitter Day

Tim Lincecum hit a no-hitter on Wednesday. The game started like any other. Lincecum went about his business like any other day he would be starting. Did his warm-ups, started the first inning. And the second and the third. Got a few strike-outs, but nothing out of the ordinary. He went about his pitching as usual.

But this day was special and it unfolded before our eyes, though we had no inkling something historic was about to happen.

How many days have we all woken up ho-hum? Just another day, have a lot to get done, time to get at it? And yet the day became something special and we were there to witness it because we were paying attention. Timmy’s no-no reminded me that ANY day has the potential to be truly special. ANY day has the potential to be a no-hitter day.

What changes if we think that every morning when we wake up?

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