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Great mini-interview with Marc Shillum from Method about how brands, when launching, often think small and find themselves needing to reinvent as they grow. He talks about how a brand must have “multiple, smaller iterations of a single big idea in order to achieve relevancy in the digital age.”

I like his thoughts on consistency (once the much-ballyhooed mark of a great brand) vs. relevancy in today’s digital world and, as I spend so much of my time crafting stories for brands to connect to their customers, this is the money quote for me:

“Making a product interesting and connecting people to it on an emotional level is paramount. Taking systematic minds that live in the engineering world, or interaction design or product design world, and helping them understand the power of storytelling and the power of emotional connection is the key.”

It’s worth a quick read. If that whets your appetite and you’d like more, I highly recommend Airbnb Founder Joe Gebbia’s talk on The Power of Story.

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