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Farewell Candlestick

Farewell CandlestickThree days from now, I get to play a bit part in the new era of Niners football by attending the first-ever 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium. It doesn’t feel right to move on until I say one final word (or many) about Candlestick Park.

How many times can I say goodbye to this lady of so many childhood memories? I said goodbye during Navarro’s “Pick at the Stick” and I snuck in another goodbye for a Montana to DeBartolo TD at Legends of Candlestick. It has been an honor to be a fan at this park for the San Francisco Giants for so many years and the 49ers for all the games of my lifetime so far. To be a fan of both teams in this stadium has been filled with unabashed joy and heartache – both linger in equal measure to this day. This place gave my family, friends and I so much happiness for so many years and I am wistful that many are no longer here to enjoy the next phase.

Thank you Candlestick Park, thank you Giants, thank you 49ers, from the bottom of my heart. This park and your heart and your toughness and your unwillingness to give up in the face of crazy opposition have given me irreplaceable family memories and life lessons. I can’t wait for what’s ahead. On to a new chapter…

Photo taken as I walked away from the last, last, last event I attended – Legends of Candlestick.

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